The Zhilstroykomplekt company has a high business reputation and is open to investment offers. All current objects and those under development are characterised by a guaranteed profitability, high efficiency of financial investments, reliability and transparency.

During the years of the company's development, a business team people was formed, strong, strategically significant relations with partners, suppliers, customers were established, which allowed us to reach a qualitatively new level of professionalism and fulfillment of the set tasks, meeting the requirements of international standards.


Investment project development

  1. Initial consultations and a preliminary analysis of the investment project or the investor’s concept:
  • business planning with economic calculations
  • project assessment from the point of view of engineering
  • legal assessment and legal regulation, compliance with law.

2. General coordination of all directions of work on the object (financing, design, construction, engineering) due to the presence of a single center of responsibility and project management.

3. Development and coordination with the customer of a declaration of intention - a preliminary technical specification, business planning of all stages of the investment project implementation.
4. Collection of initial technical data, obtaining of permission documents.
5. All stages of development and coordination of the project documentation, state examination.
6. Designer and engineering supervision.
7. Construction and commissioning.
8. Warranty and post-warranty support of the construction object, engineering systems and facilities.
9. Development of a package of documents to ensure the transparency of the transaction:
  • contract execution for all necessary types of services
  • monthly certificates of completion
  • monthly proportional payment under bank terms.
  1. Free credit brokerage services:
  • drafting of a package of documents for a bank
  • structuring of a credit transaction, including that regarding maintenance
  • assistance till the credit committee stage.
11. Development of the marketing strategy and advertising campaign for the object.
12. Professional real estate sales according to established standards.
For investment participation in projects please contact:
+375 44 775 23 30