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Karamel Multifunctional Residential Quarter

New modern Karamel Residential Quarter began to be erected along Dzerzhinskiy avenue near the subway station Grushevka in 2018.
According to the project the Karamel Residential Quarter is an architectural ensemble consisting of 14 sections divided in the middle by the administrative building. The Karamel Residential Quarter took the 2nd place in the nomination “The best public building project” in the fourth all-Belarusian competition of modern design in public and private building “Architects Color System 2018”.
Special attention in the quarter design was given to the optimization of design and engineering solutions, rational approach to the issue of the living space arrangement
  • interesting architectural and planning solutions and demanded areas 
  • possibility to choose a design plan
  • high quality of the base construction of apartments
  • car-free courtyard 
  • ground parking
  • availability of the subway
  • proximity to the historical center
  • formed infrastructure of the district 
Location: 23 Dzerzhinsky Ave, Minsk, Republic of Belarus 
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