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Grushevskiy Posad Residential Complex 

The Grushevskiy Posad Multifunctional Residential Complex is being built in one of the most perspective districts of the city of Minsk on Dzerzhinskiy avenue near the subway station Grushevka.

The first house of the Grushevskiy Posad Multifunctional Residential Complex was commissioned in 2015. The second house of the complex was commissioned in 2017. Commission of the third house is planned for 2019.

Grushevskiy Posad is the winner of the Realt Golden Key 2015 Real Estate Award in the nomination "A comfort-class new-build of the year"


  • optimal design solutions
  • monolithic frame filled with cinder blocks
  • design of common areas
  • individual terms of purchase, trade-in system
  • availability of parking
  • a small number of apartments on the storey
  • diversity of planning solutions
  • ceiling height – 2.7 meters
  • high quality of the base construction
  • luxury apartments

Location: 20-24 Dzerzhinsky Ave, Minsk, Republic of Belarus 

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