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Mission and values


Качество и стиль жизни To anticipate future needs of customers offering a new quality and lifestyle

Культура потребления To develop a consumption culture setting high consumer standards

Мировые стандарты качества To improve the customers' ideas and dreams achieving them as efficiently as possible setting the world's quality standards



Единство как ценность компании Unity


Each employee is a part of a big team. We appreciate and respect each other, we are friendly and ready to provide any necessary support in any situation. Collaboration within the company is an important element of professional relationships.

Преданность делу как ценность компании  DEDICATION


We are passionate about our work and are committed to the company. Enthusiastic and resolute. Competent and responsible while decision making, constantly gaining new knowledge and improving professional skills. We are persistent in achieving goals. We put the interests of the company above our own ones.

Доверие как ценность компании  CONFIDENCE


We build relationships on the basis of mutual trust. We always act openly and honestly. We conduct business processes objectively and intelligibly. We use the information confirmed by real facts.

Устойчивость как ценность компании  PERSISTENCE


We perform undertook by us obligations and we are aimed at mutually beneficial long-term relations. We appreciate the reputation of the company. All actions are aimed at its protection, preservation and further strengthening. The reliability of the company is a guarantee of stability and prosperity.

Прибыльность как ценность компании  PROFITABILITY


Our actions are aimed at business process improvement and innovation. We improve ourselves, follow world trends, welcome non-standard ideas and increase efficiency.  We respond flexibly to changing conditions, adapt and achieve maximum results with minimal costs.

Превосходство как ценность компании  EXCELLENCE


New ideas and opportunities, constant search and implementation of progressive solutions and technologies into practice is the key to sustainable development. Quality product and customer focus is the key to our excellence. We do not only know but also can anticipate future requests from our customers.

Социальная ответственность как ценность компании  SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY


We are aware of our social responsibility and make a voluntary contribution to the development of society, small cities and the revival of historical and cultural values. We improve the quality of our customers' life by offering them a product with improved consumer properties. We care about our employees. We help and take part in lives of those who are lack of safety and need it, we sympathize with and support them.